Confirmed Vendors

We currently have 26 confirmed vendors for Steel City Nostalgia Fair 2020.
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Davey's Locker - Games/Toys/Collectibles


   We sell online and at trade shows! As collector's ourselves, we actively  seek new items to expand our own collections AND yours :) With a wide  selection (not just 1 or 2) of Video Games, Rocks & Minerals, LEGO,  Polly Pocket, Cards, Comics, Vinyl & Toys!  

Bobby Van-El - G.A.M.E.S



Say  hi to Bobby, from the Game Lobby in Pickering/Courtice, and G.A.M.E.S.  from Oshawa, your source for video games old and new, from the 70s to  this week's releases.
The Game Lobby and G.A.M.E.S.  deal primarily in retro video games, but also supports Magic the  Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards. They also carry toys and board  games, from anime figures, to vintage transformers, and even plush!

Tawny Illustrations



Tawny sells an array of anime/kawaii inspired items such as charms, stickers, buttons, pins, and prints. 
You can preview her items at:

Nerdy Creations



Melissa is a seamstress that sells many pop  culture themed items, such as bags, wallets, ties, and original prints.  You can preview her stuff at:

Bruce Nix



Bruce will be bringing you a variety of antiques, collectibles, cards and more.
Bruce is from Gravenhurst, Ontario.

Shane Dunne


 Bringing to Nostalgia Fair 2020 - Toys, Pop culture and awesomeness!  .... 

Jen Grezel


  My name is Jen and I make perler art based on video game sprites. I love  to do larger pieces because seeing them come together to recreate  bosses or monsters is so exciting. I make regular perlers you can hang  on a wall, but also standees, magnets, and pins. One of the pieces I am  proudest of is a pixel scale Metroid from Super Metroid that includes  glow in the dark beads so it looks very spooky when the lights are off. I  will be bringing a couple larger perlers, but mostly they will be  medium to small sizes.  

Robin Dhanju


  Robin Dhanju is going to be bringing in an awesome collection of video games.  He'll  be selling everything from Nintendo and Sega right up to PS4 and Xbox  One.  He has a huge variety - you won't want to miss out on his tables!

Robin is also the founder of the amazing GameX in Mississauga!  We're  super excited to have him on board and can't wait to see what goodies  he'll be bringing!

For more information on Robin and what he does, you can visit his Facebook page or his website at

Comics North and Hidden Level Games


Cal and Lisa are the owners of Comics North and Hidden Level Games.  Their store can be found at 106 Elm in Sudbury, ON. Their place is  always a must stop on our list when traveling through!!
There you  can find a plethora of comics, both old and new. They also have a great  selection of video games, toys and other nerdy, geeky merch. It's  unbelievable the amount of stuff they have so neatly displayed in there!

Rob Sachetto's Zombie Art


 Hey everyone! I’m Rob Sacchetto and way back in 2006, I started the very  first photo to hand painted Zombie Portrait service, ‘Zombie  Portraits,’ aka . Since then, I have created over 5,000 Zombie Portraits for fans all  over the world! That number of course continues to rise with each  passing month as new Zombie fans find out about this unique and one of a  kind service!  I felt that after two years of doing pure Zombie  Portraits, that I wanted contribute even MORE to the Horror/Zombie  genre, so I began a blog called ‘Zombie Daily’ in 2008 which I created a  NEW Zombie Drawing or painting EVERY DAY! I’m still adding new Zombie  Art posts every day after eleven years! You can find that blog, now a  Patreon page, at : ...It’s true, new art is added DAILY! Please feel free to check it out! I also do custom art requests there too! I’ve  likely drawn more Zombie Art than anyone on planet Earth and a Google  search of ‘Zombie Art’ will show you that I am very easy to find, and  have drawn thousands and thousands of pieces from Zombie Pinup Girls, to  Zombie Game and Cartoon Characters!  
If YOU would like your very  own Zombie Portrait, or would like to give one as a gift to a friend or  loved one, simply order from the page ANYTIME! If you have ANY questions about the process, and would  like DIRECT answers from me personally, feel free to ask them right here  on the fan page!  
I’m looking forward to creating a Zombie Art Masterpiece for you SOON! Thank you! 

Darren Emond


Darren Emond is a man of many talents!  He’s an artist... but he’s  not JUST an artist.  No no. He’s also a magician (and an over all very  funny dude!)

Some of you know he did an amazing comic for Iron Maiden. Seriously. Cool!

He’ll be a FEATURED VENDOR at Steel City Nostalgia Fair 2020 selling, as well as doing, sketches. Maybe we can even convince him to do a MAGIC SHOW!!

Denise's Record Art


 I sell hand carved records as clocks, and framed or unframed wall art. From Star Wars to Marvel to video game characters. Something for everyone. 

Svenny McG


  Enthusiast of Video Games, Comic Books and Toys / Action Figures
Svenny is not only a FEATURED VENDOR at Steel City Nostalgia Fair 2020, he will also be promoting what he does and maybe just maybe be selling a few gems!  Check out his YouTube channel: 

ESS Creations


 essCreations started in 2012 as a  handmade beaded jewellery and accessory shop.  Over time, owner Sam  Quinn has moved between varying craft-oriented hobbies, including  painting,  written word images, home décor, and now pinback buttons.   

Making jewellery, accessories, and pinback buttons and tie dye shirts!!

The Cats Grafix Comics


  "The Cats Grafix Comics, Specializing in Comic book back issues from 50s to present with over 10,000 to choose from. over 35 yrs dealing in the comic book market, We Buy, Sell and Trade". and facebook page is 

Shawn Talbot


 At  Steel City Nostalgia Fair 2020 you can look very forward to meeting our local friend Shawn Talbot.

They will have a large amount of Hot Wheels and collectibles for you to  purchase. He’s a long time collector so he’s sure to have some gooders  in there! 

Steel City Nostalgia Fair 2020 is looking very forward to having them at the event. 

Paul Grbich


 Mr. Grbich will be bringing a great variety of different items to Steel City Nostalgia Fair 2020. From toys, collectibles to vinyl and vintage goods. This is a table you wont want to miss.  

The Squared Circle Collection


  Featuring tons and tons of professional wrestling memorabilia, vintage and new, signed and unsigned.  Mario Rocchetta will be bringing us tons of wrestling goods to buy. If you are a wrestling fan or collector, you will not want to miss this opportunity.  

Steven Legacy


 Steven Legacy will have a heavy feature on Star Wars models, die casts, etc.  Excellent collectibles for the Star Wars enthusiast in all of us!! 

B&C Emporium


 B&C Emporium will be attending  Steel City Nostalgia Fair 2020 bring you action figures, Pokemon cards, Hot Wheels and other amazing collectibles.  

Shane Biron


 Bringing us video games, collectible toys and if we are really really lucky, Shane will also be selling custom one of a kind Predator masks. Steel City Nostalgia Fair 2020 is excited to see what Shane Biron has in store! 



 Cornucopia is a gourmet popcorn company that specializes in not your  ordinary popcorn. We have 18ish flavors of popcorn that will satisfy any  sweet or savory craving you have. Did we mention we deliver right to  your door. 

Copper Town Treasures


 Quaint antique store in Bruce Mines, the first copper town in all of  Canada. We've spent a long time gathering our treasures and now we're  happy to open our doors and share them with you! Steel City Nostalgia Fair 2020 is beyond excited to see what Copper Town Treasures has to offer.

Elizabeth Coyle


Elizabeth Coyle is showcasing her art for the first time at Steel City Nostalgia Fair 2020. We are so excited to see what she has to offer. 

The Rad Zone


 The Rad Zone still promoting amazing finds for vinyl and fully stocked  skateboard equipment as well as a huge selection of both new and used  video games, systems and accessories.  A small staffed and completely  independently owned and operated - The Rad Zone fully supports local  musicians and skateboarders - and can often be found sponsoring and  showing up to events."

Check them out on Facebook at:

And also online at:

Kirk's Antiques Down the Hall


 Joining  Steel City Nostalgia Fair 2020 is an amazing vintage nostalgia dealer Kirk's Antiques Down the Hall. Kirk brings us great quality items from Antiques, toys, collectibles and a variety of other things. There will surely be a little something for everyone.  

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